Benefitting the Best!

Growing up in my childhood home was generally a warm experience. I had food cooked for me, a bed with clean sheets, and parents that took me to soccer practice and other things that kids should get to have. Unfortunately, not all of them do and in exchange, they're dealt heaviness.

I recently had the privilege to join my friends Payge Turner, LUCAS for a benefit show to help put a dent in that painful reality - one that some of us could never articulate. The Children's Place is an organization based in KC that offers supplemental resources to children that have endured trauma, abuse and neglect. These services not only provide treatment to those that are most deserving, but they create safe places to play, to dream, and to do what kids do best. 

The music was a lot of fun and my band took a more intimate approach for this set. Also - the other artists threw. it. down as expected. But most importantly, we were welcomed by KC's beautiful people that came to support and help us raise over $1,500 in proceeds for this cause! That's nothing short than incredible. But, we have a lot more that we can do and while we made an impact, there is more work. Below is a link to explore all the ways that you can get involved. And it's not all monetary - volunteering at events can be just as, if not more, helpful. Please consider lending whatever you can.

- T