Collab. Create. Repeat.

What's poppin' ya'll?

It's been a while since I've posted...unforgiving, I know. But ever since that crazy show (I opened for Kimbra - still geeking out about it) so many things have opened up like other shows and recording new music that of which I'm pumped to share! I also had a chance to collaborate with a local legend and new friend. Amber "Flutienastiness" Underwood is a Kansas City native and a neo-soul edifying flute prophet. She and I met at a small house show and the rest is history. I was speechless when she asked me if I could join her at an iconic venue, The Black Dolphin, to do some jams. The night was magic and it reminded me that there is truly nothing more electrifying than doing what you love...except for when you do it with someone else who loves it, too. Here is a video from that night, us covering "Get You" x Daniel Caesar. Let me know what you think?

P.S. If you ever have a hobby and contemplate putting it on the shelf, try getting out to exploring it with others. Alone, we can be too critical which can put out our fire. But with someone else, you can find a spark. I think that's the power behind collaboration. 

- Tev

Tevin Williams