Meet Me

I've written many songs...

And I'm finally sharing them. Writing can be the trickiest part of an artist's process, and I'm no exception. When I wrote, "Meet Me," I added words, hated them, and repeated. This song took its truest form after my first stay in New York. I remember seeing orchestrated chaos in its design with its vibrant history. And I thought that it must be tough finding love, here. In between taxi colored sidewalks, blocks housing multi-generational families, the thick of a concrete jungle (thanks Alicia Keys) someone searches for their person? Like the Big Apple, we know of places that have barricades, but, somehow, we've found a way to cross them. A line in the song reads, "...Free to experience the danger, the course of reality," which grabs me - challenge is our privilege and in a muck of what's real and right in our face, introductions are refined. Allow me to re-introduce myself as Tevin: a singer, a songwriter, a friend, a brother, an uncle, son, antagonist, mediocre chef, someone that is scared, who hates and loves his own voice and values in the same meeting, Jesus believing weird guy that doesn't get it all right...and is okay with it. I hope that you'll stay with me.

This is me in The Village, wearing a twill sweater, holding a box of water. That is the most quintessential millennial thing I've done, to date. 

Tevin Williams